Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Meet the pupils

Today was my first day with the pupils, so I took the opportunity to spend the first two hours visiting classes in English, Maths and Modern Languages. I was really impressed with the kids and the staff I came across. Pupils were all working well and focused on what they were doing. I was pleased to see that the pupils were polite and respectful of others around them. I was particularly impressed with one S2 girl, who, on being asked how she was getting on in Maths replied - 'I find it quite hard but I try my best'! I suggested to her that that is what I am looking for.

Throughout the day I took the opportunity to 'model'(see photo!) the new JGHS tie, which was designed by Mikaela Carmichael in S1. The tie was produced to celebrate the life of Mr Caddell who was renowned for his eccentric taste in neck wear. Commendably, and in keeping with a long standing tradition of supporting charities at JGHS, all proceeds from the sale of the ties go to support the 'Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland' organisation.

In the school hall we are hosting the 'Sci-fun' roadshow for a couple of days to highlight how important and relevant Science is as subject of interest and a possible career. (Many thanks to the Science staff, especially Ms Lyall for organising this opportunity for pupils).

During the rest of the morning, in the company of Mrs Westerman, I took a guided whistlestop tour of the rest of the school in order to improve my bearings. I was particularly impressed at the number of departments who welcomed pupils at lunchtime to pursue a variety of interesting projects.

In the first part of the afternoon I met with my SLT colleagues. In the coming weeks, I anticipate that management restructuring, Curriculum for Excellence and our new school building will continue to occupy much of our time as we plan for the future. The last meeting of the day was with the Guidance and Learning Supports staff, who, in the coming weeks, I will work closely with as we strive to further develop our provision for pupils.

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