Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 3 - late coming and school bags

This morning I decided to meet and greet pupils who arrived late for school. Pleasingly, there wasn't a large number in this category but, as in every school, there are always a number who, for a variety of reasons, arrive late for classes. I made it clear to those I met that late coming is unacceptable. I make no apologies for being somewhat 'old- fashioned' in this as I believe that parents and schools have a duty to ensure that our young people develop the skills and work ethic that will be essential in the increasingly competitive world of employment beyond school.

Whilst speaking to the latecomers I was taken aback to discover a handful not carrying a schoolbag. Those who have worked with me over the years will know that I will insist on all pupils carrying a school bag with the appropriate books and equipment to and from school. My experience of tackling this particular this issue suggests that staff, parents and pupils prefer a consistent approach from schools on this.

For the remainder of the morning I met with colleagues to plan towards the imminent rebuild of our school. I am pleased to say that we are making steady progress. Our main priority will be to ensure that learning and teaching is not adversely affected during the period of the rebuild.

In the afternoon I took a Higher Gaelic class as a colleague was absent. The youngsters I met were super; a real credit to their parents. I really enjoyed talking about Iain Crichton Smiths writing and assisting in decoding some of the rich metaphors he uses. Of particular interest was the discussion on how 'swearie words' can vary and lose their impact when translated.

My last meeting of the day was with Bethany and Alex who lead the pupil council. Our meeting gave us the opportunity to share plans and to test the water on possible future projects.

A quick bite to eat and it was straight in to chauffeur mode so that our younger daughter could pursue her footballing interests. Tomorrow will be another day ...


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