Thursday, 12 January 2012

The day began with an opportunity to respond to emails that have been arriving in large number my inbox. Pleasingly, I read a number of emails from colleagues who are keen to support my proposal to tighten up on our expectations of pupils. Next week I will share a few of my initial perceptions with parents with the intention of gauging how best we can support pupils i perceive as having gone off the boil. I feel that this is pressing as S4 sat their prelims last month and are now entering a crucial few months in the lead up to the main exam in May and June.

I have deliberately spent a lot of time in the last few days meeting with colleagues to discuss various topical issues. Of particular interest at the moment is our progress on management restructuring. Colleagues are anxious about the next few weeks as important decisions will be made on who our new curriculum leaders will be. I will do my level best to ensure that we get the very best possible structure for Jghs within the current guidelines.

After break we hosted a meeting for neighbourhood headteachers. The main item on our agenda was management restructuring as it is essential that we manage this programme as efficiently and professionally as possible. (I was especially pleased to welcome David Russell to our meeting. David is currently the acting HT at Liberton High School). Also at our meeting were David Wright and Jack Hamilton, from HQ. Both have worked extraordinarily hard and skilfully in gaining agreement with the unions, thus enabling schools to progress in this key area.

Disappointingly, I didn't manage to visit classes today but I will remedy that tomorrow when I'm on call for the morning.

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