Monday, 9 January 2012

First day

Having now completed my first day as Headteacher at JGHS I am very pleased to say that the day went well. The staff were incredibly warm and welcoming - just what I needed as I was nervous. I had the opportunity first thing this morning to meet with all staff and to set out my stall for the weeks and months ahead. Starting in January means that it has to be 'steady as she goes' in order to ensure that well established work routines are maintained and nurtured. I feel that I now need to spend a few months taking stock of what is happening so I can make well informed judgments as to what we would include in next session's School Improvement Plan. Over the coming weeks i intend to visit as many classrooms as possible to see what is happening on the 'the ground'.

Having already been a headteacher for the past 6+ years really helps as it more easily allows me to prioritise my time and taking what I believe are the right steps in building new teams around me. JGHS is a wonderful school and I look forward with a deal of enthusiasm to leading the school through major exciting changes in the next few years. Tomorrow, I get the chance to meet our pupils. I can't wait!

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