Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Visit from former pupil

We were delighted to welcome Rupert Breheny back to Gillespie's today. Rupert left Jghs in 1988 to pursue a Biology degree at St Andrews and, after graduating, gained experience in a variety of areas including being a marine biologist in sunnier climes and teaching in London. In 1996 Rupert developed his first website and in 2006 gained employment with a new and growing company by the name of Google. He went on to become the first British webmaster with Google and is now one of a worldwide team of 70 tasked with maintaining and developing the Google that is now a household name. Rupert spent time this afternoon working with classes in our computing department and shared his enthusiasm for computing and the world of technology with pupils. In Rupert's own words: 'It was a real treat to tread the old corridors again and a genuine honour to speak to the classes whom I found to be genuinely attentive and very switched on indeed. You have some very smart cookies there.'

Sincere thanks to Rupert for getting in touch and taking the time to share his enthusiasm and experiences with us. Thanks in particular to Mrs Barrass and also Mrs Brown for facilitating the visit.

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