Friday, 2 March 2012

School bags

As Friday is my day on call I picked up a few issues today. Surprisingly, four pupils were referred to me as they did not bring their school books and materials with them to school. This took me aback as I did not expect to have pupils at Gillespie's who are so disengaged from their learning. I recently wrote to parents to clarify our expectation that all pupils are expected to carry a school bag of an appropriate size (large enough for an unfolded A4 jotter is a rule of thumb)to and from school. Pupils who, for whatever reason, are unable to comply with this request will be asked to report to me on Monday morning to discuss the matter. I feel it is essential that every pupil is given the opportunity to engage fully in all lessons and be able to complete homework. Those who are unable to afford a schoolbag will be provided with one. I have noticed that the pupils who are in the habit of not carrying a bag are the very ones who need to work harder to catch up with the others.

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