Thursday, 15 March 2012

Skill force

Earlier today, along with some colleagues, I met with representatives from Skill Force. Skill Force is an Educational charity working with 13-19 year old young people. The staff they employ are mainly ex-service personnel who draw on a range of personal experiences. It is our intention at Gillespies to work with organisations such as Skill Force in order to augment our current provision thus aiming to ensure that all of our pupils develop the skills they need to compete in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

Working with an increasing number of schools across the UK, Skill Force deliver a curriculum and related activities that provide young people with the knowledge, skills, experience and long term personal support and most importantly, the self belief to aspire and achieve. Throughout my years in teaching I have learned that some young people realise their potential more effectively when opportunites are offered outside the (traditional) classroom. By way of example, many schools are rediscovering that outdoor learning is hugely enriching and advantageous for pupils. Curriculum for Excellence encourages schools to be creative and imaginative in finding the ways that best allow young people to learn and to grow. I am delighted to be leading Gillespies at a time when so many opportunities are being made available to make learning more relevant and fun for everyone.

In the coming weeks we will firm up plans for an enriched curriculum for a number of pupils in our current S2 and S3.

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