Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Return from holidays

After a welcome week's holiday, it was back to business as normal on Monday. Pleasingly, staff and pupils returned refreshed and rested after the break. I sometimes wonder how, in years gone by, we managed to go from New Year to Easter with no breaks!

On Tuesday my day began with an hour on correspondence and speaking with a few staff about the continuing implementation of Management Restructuring. Following this, along with Anthea Grierson, HT at our neighbouring Primary School, I attended a meeting at HQ in connection with our planned rebuild. The planning is going well but there will undoubtedly be significant challenges ahead.

Our South African tourists returned safe and well on Tuesday afternoon. They were weary after the travelling and adventures of the last 9 days but all I spoke with were enthusiastic about what they had achieved. I look forward to hearing more about their work in the coming weeks. Some S6 are planning a gap year to return again next year to assist in the continuing work being led by Mr Wallace.

As Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday it was lovely to get home at a reasonable hour and to share freshly made pancakes with our daughters.

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