Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My first JGHS Parent Council meeting

Tonight was my first opportunity to meet the Parent Council at JGHS. I was delighted at the very large turnout and at how welcoming and supportive the parents were. To begin with, Janis Croll (Acting DHT) updated the meeting on progress with the rebuild and the decant arrangements. There then ensued a good discussion on some of the issues that are likely to arise as the rebuild progresses. I am pleased that we are making good progress with our arrangements and look forward to confirming specific timings in a few weeks.

In my Headteacher's report I took the opportunity to share my first impressions of Gillespie's. As mentioned at assemblies with pupils, I have found the pupils to be:
Hardworking, Motivated, Courteous, Respectful and proud of our school. This provides a great platform for us to build on as we plan for the future!

I gave a brief report on where we are with Management Restructuring and our intentions for Curriculum for Excellence as our current S2 progress into S3 in June this year. More information on this will be shared at the information evening with parents of S2 pupils on Wednesday 22 February.

The evening ended with an opportunity for informal chat with a few parents over a very welcome glass of wine. In my previous post At Liberton HS I had the pleasure of working with a very strong and dedicated Parent Council. Reflecting on the evening's meeting I am thrilled and excited to find that the JGHS Parent Council is also very committed and supportive. With this level of support I am confident that the challenges in the years ahead will be overcome.

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