Saturday, 4 November 2017

Friday 3 November

  1. As we head towards probable frosts and other adverse weather conditions, families are reminded that announcements about school closures will be shared with the general public via Forth 1.
  2. This week’s S1 parent consultations were very well attended appeared to go well. Feedback has been sought so that glitches that arose with booking can be addressed in time for the next parents’ night. Thanks to the parents who provided teas and coffees and raised a whopping £261 towards Parent Council coffers
  3. In response to the publication of the National British Sign Language Plan I will shortly be meeting with representatives from City of Edinburgh Council to explore what opportunities we can offer pupils to learn sign language.
  4. During this past week we have had 6 students from Hong Kong joining classes. I met with all 6 today and enjoyed hearing their reflections and learning from their perspectives. Highlights for them included: Our clean air; Scottish friendliness; not having to wear a uniform and getting 9 hours sleep each night! Thank you to all the families who hosted and made our visitors feel so special.
  5. This afternoon a group of pupils, staff and parents will visit the CEC digital Innovation centre at Wester Haile’s Education centre to better inform our planning for the future.
  6. The next Maths Circle will take place on Saturday 25th November from 1pm to 4pm at James Clerk Maxwell Building. More information can be found at:
  7. On Friday 10 November P7 pupils from our 6 Feeder schools, accompanied by their teachers and parents will visit JGHS to find out about the exciting developments at High School and some of our plans for the future.
  8. Best wishes to all pupils who sat Oxbridge entrance exams on Thursday 2 November.
  9. Please find attached a summary of this past month’s sporting successes. 
  10. Comann nam Pàrant Dùn Èideann and the Parent Council of Bun Sgoil Taobh na Pairce have invited Dr Donalda McComb, Head Teacher Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu, and Donald Iain Brown, chair of the Parent Council at that time, to talk to parents about the transition in Glasgow from a single GME primary school to a 3-18 GME campus. This event will take place at JGHS at 730 Pm on Monday 6 November.
    This meeting is part of a series of events being organised jointly by. Through these meetings we hope to help inform parents, carers and the wider Gàidhlig community of the potential future developments for GME arising from proposals in the Edinburgh Council’s Draft Gaelic Language plan (GLP).
  11. This coming week is Edinburgh Gaelic week. Visit  for more details.
  12. Congratulation to Ms Megan Smith (Psychology and RME teacher) who graduated earlier this week with a Pysychology Masters degree.
  13. Warmest congratulations to the Boroughmuir Thistle FC U15 Purples team, with JGHS students Stella Paton (S3) and Rose Newman (S2), who won the Frankie Brown Under 15 South East Football League. 
  14. On Friday 3 November I have been invited to attend the SQA annual Star Awards dinner in the Assembly Rooms along with Jamie Clarkson (last year’s S6)  and his family. Jamie has been shortlisted for the ‘Top student in Scotland award’. Gordon Kumar (also JGHS) won this award last year.
  15. Please continue to let us know of any pupil achievements so that we can celebrate and share widely.

And finally, I hope you enjoy any fireworks related events you attend this weekend and I hope families and pets all remain safe and happy throughout.

Donald j Macdonald

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