Sunday, 23 November 2014

St Andrew's day celebrations

Our creative S6 student council leaders have put together the following programme for St Andrew's day and will be presenting at various assemblies this week.

St. Andrew’s Day

28th November, Break Time, Lauderdale/Darroch

1. 2 Pipers (Adam) piping in Darroch as the bell
goes, leaving the Darroch campus after
around 2 minutes (alt. covered by umbrellas if it
2. Pipers accompanied by enthusiastic S6s with
placards and Dominic from Pupil Voice.
3. Arrive at Lauderdale 11.05am.

1. Piping on grass outside of Spylaw (alt. covered walkway into Spylaw if it
2. Roise (fiddle) and Finlay (clarsach) playing for S6 highland dancing in
Quad (alt. in canteen if it rains)
3. Bake sale (S6-run) and face-painting (events committee) Scottish flags in
canteen (alt. in Warrender hallway if it rains)

1. Assembly presentation by S6 Pupil Voice - who St. Andrew was /
2. Posters in school
3. Word of mouth (via Pupil Voice representatives)
Note; Students travelling from Darroch>Lauderdale>Darroch may be late getting
back to class for third period.

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