Thursday, 29 August 2013

S1 settling in evening

We had a very good turnout this evening at our S1 social evening. The evening began with a glass of wine served by the S6 students who opted to become befrienders to our new S1. As I remarked in my introduction, it's not often I take an assembly where those in the audience have a glass of wine in their hand!

This was the first opportunity for the new S6 to contribute to a school function and they did us proud. They are a great group of young people and I'm sure they'll have another terrific year.

The evening presented an opportunity to introduce several staff in the school to parents and also gave parents a chance to meet each other. A brief presentation from Mr Ben Lewis, our newly appointed Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, gave an overview of how class groups are formed in S1 and how movement between classes takes place. In maths we will assume that all pupils are highly talented and encourage all to achieve at the highest level.

Mr Jonathon Wallace, our Active Sports Coordinator, shared a short video highlighting some of what happened during last session's health week for S1. This was followed by an overview of our sports membership scheme for the coming session and the arrangements for pupils to travel to and fro from Sports centres.

The meeting concluded with questions from parents on a range of issues including:
  • Setting policy in maths
  • Class groups in English
  • Arrangements for the S1 residentials
  • Football clubs
  • Music clubs
Overall I was very pleased with the evening. I hope that many of those present choose to become members of our Parent Council or our events group.

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