Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pupils return

The second full day with pupils is now complete and I am delighted that we are now quickly settling into a very positive and purposeful way of working at both the Darroch site (for S4,5 and 6) and at Lauderdale (for S1,2 and 3). The staff and the pupils have been magnificent in spite of a few teething difficulties, that have limited our capability to communicate both within and outwith the school. Now that our ICT has been repaired we can, once again, access emails and use ICT for teaching, registration etc. As is often the case, one doesn't appreciate the value of something until it is not available. This is very much the case with our ICT. Teachers and pupils now expect to have ready and easy access to the 'World wide web' to enhance all that they do and take advantage of the many benefits that electronic devices present.

All pupils are quickly familiarising themselves with their new classrooms and, in some cases, their new teachers. There is a real buzz around the school as we settle back into our routines and picking up where we left off in June.

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