Monday, 8 June 2015

S2 storytelling trip

Thansk to Craig Watt from our English Department for sharing details of some work he has recently been involved with.

As part of our punctuation and sentence structure work in English, our s2 pupils had to write, illustrate and create their own children's books for pre-schoolers. The most impressive work from each class was chosen to be read to the children at a local nursery ' The Meadows at Millerfield Place'. The authors went and read their work to an audience of captivated young things from the Fox and Rabbit classes. The impressive range of titles were beautifully illustrated, brilliantly written, and read with a sense of showmanship. They dealt with a range of themes from what it's like to be adopted, to the existential angst of being a spork - neither spoon, nor fork. The next generation of Julia Donaldson's , and Oliver Jeffers is clearly here! 

Below is a letter the nursery wrote to our students, who should all be proud of their efforts.

To the clever children from S2,

The Rabbits and Foxes from Meadows Nursery would like to thank all the great authors and illustrators from S2 that came to  the nursery to share their stories with us. The Rabbits commented on your great drawings and how clever you all are to make your own books. They all loved your visit and you have inspired them to write their own story. Once it’s finished we will try to get a copy to you.

Best wishes,

The Rabbits and Foxes

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