Saturday, 7 June 2014

Tips for new session

As part of yesterday's meeting with our heads of department I asked each to write down one tip for our new S3 pupils as they embark on their new courses. Here is what they said: 

Here is what they said:

1.       Be organised
2.       Listen
3.       Make use of the supports on offer (x2)
4.       Keep to deadlines set by teachers
5.       Do your best
6.       Be on time (x2)
7.       Get involved in the wider life of the school
8.       Work hard
9.       Attend all classes (x3)
10.   After every lesson consolidate your learning by spending 10-15 minutes reviewing the work covered
11.   Don’t leave things until the last minute
12.   Maintain a balance between working hard and keeping healthy

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