Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Lights out

It's almost time for Earth Hour 2014 - Sign up now and be a dazzling Earth Hour Star.

WWF’s Earth Hour is the world’s biggest celebration of our amazing planet, with hundreds of millions of people from around the world coming together in a spectacular lights out display.

It's a brilliant reminder that together we can make change happen and a chance to think about the small things we can all do to make a brighter future.

This year thousands of people in Scotland will be switching off their lights in a huge, symbolic show of support for action on climate change and a more sustainable future.

So whether you spend your time reflecting under the stars, celebrating by candlelight, or even playing your favourite sport lit by solar-powered lanterns, Earth Hour is a moment to say you'll do your bit to protect our planet - not just for one hour, but every day.

Earth Hour 2014 will take place at 8.30 pm on Saturday 29 March.

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