Monday, 3 February 2014

Professional pressures

Earlier today a friend posted this link to her Facebook wall. It got me thinking. Though the anonymous writer of this article worked in England I worry that many of our staff in Scotland also struggle to find a healthy and sustainable work life balance. Increasingly, more and more is expected of teachers. Against a backdrop of public sector budget cuts, increased expectations from parents and an education system that is changing more rapidly and extensively than at any time in my previous 32 years in Education, we need to retain and recruit the best people to our classrooms. We also need to ensure that we do more to develop the future leaders in our schools.

Overall though, and certainly based on my experience at JGHS, I am confident that Scottish Education is going from strength to strength and that our young people will continue to benefit from a well qualified and caring profession. I'm delighted to have the privilege to be leading James Gillespie's High school through a time of significant change.

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