Sunday, 19 May 2013

History trip to Belgium

On our second day of our History 'Trenches Trip' Janie Rose Cowan shares her reflections on her first two days. 

We started yesterday by taking a boat ride around Brugges. It was such a beautiful city. We then went to the trench of death. Today, (Sunday 19 May) we started off by going to a cemetery. It was really emotional and very sad to see just a tiny proportion of the soldiers that died. After that, we went on on to the Flanders Field Museum. We learned about some of the soldier's tragic stories about being in the First World War. We also visited the Sanctuary wood. It was actually really terrifying to what it must have been like for the soldiers in the First World War in the trenches.
The thing that struck me most was just the sheer number of gravestones in the cemeteries that we went to. It was so sad and a really emotional day. 

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